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March 02 2015

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February 09 2015

January 14 2015

December 22 2014

November 25 2014

Tips For Hiring A Limousine Service For After The Reception
It is good to simplify things in life that are complicated. A wedding is one of the most complicated things to plan. Just thinking about it can be overwhelming. Here are a few helpful tips that can help you go through the process of planning a wedding a little easier.
When you are planning your wedding festivities, think hard about the kinds of alcoholic beverages that are going to be available, and also how much of a price tag they will carry. For example, an open bar can cost you an arm and a leg, especially if it's open throughout your reception. Ask your venue about the different alcohol serving options that they have available.
Personalize the wedding so that it reflects your personalities, and that of your relationship. Select a theme that best represents what you mean to each other.
Look for a unique touch with your food such a ethnic theme, a style of cooking or something else to add flair. Chicken, steak and such are served at weddings all the time. Why not do something different? Variety is important and will make the dinner memorable.
You could get help from someone else who is attending the wedding. They could help you carry your gear. Your assistant can help you round up the family members for the group pictures to make things run even smoother.
Try using the property of a loved one for the wedding venue. If you know someone who has a large farm, or even just a huge backyard, you can eliminate one of the larger costs of your wedding. Pay them in advance to do this for you.
Practice your walk in front of mirrors to feel comfortable on your wedding day. If you're scared of turning your ankle, go with attractive flats instead. Reducing the risk of falling is better than going with the best-looking footwear.
Online communities, like Craigslist, are ideal for locating talented musicians, photographers and caterers. Don't pay any of your responders a penny until you meet with them personally, and always have your betrothed accompany you, for safety's sake.
If you are planning on serving multiple courses, keep guests entertained during serving with tiny portions of sweet appetizers near each guest. Just about anything will do, even crackers with a bit of flavor.
Silk flowers are an attractive alternative to expensive floral arrangements at a wedding. You can buy silk flowers well in advance to avoid the stress of getting fresh flowers a few days before the wedding.
See if your family wants to come for the honeymoon. It can even make it cheaper for everyone if you book more days at some hotels. This will not only give them a single day to remember, but a whole vacation.
A nice menu combining contemporary with fusion dishes may be just what you need. You can add little twists in different food items, from drinks to dessert options.
As you surely know, this day is among the most important of your life. Planning a wedding is a very stressful and difficult process. By using the tips above, you can end up with your dream wedding.
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June 21 2014

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January 19 2014

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December 07 2013

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November 22 2013

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November 21 2013

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October 17 2013

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December 03 2012

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November 21 2012

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November 10 2012

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September 23 2012

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September 16 2012

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April 22 2012

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April 05 2012

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January 30 2012

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